Regulation 5: Fellowship of the University

1. The Senate of the University with the approval of the Chancellor may admit to the status of Fellow of the University any person in the following categories:

i. A member of the Senate of the University;
ii. An administrative officer or member of Faculty of the University. Such a grant may be permanent or may be for a specified period of time;
iii. A graduate of the University who in the judgement of the Senate has demonstrated achievement worthy of recognition, in particular achievement that supports the aims and activities of the University;
iv. A non-member of the University who in the judgement of the Senate is possessed of expertise or knowledge that would enhance the University’s work.
v. A non-member of the University, honoris causa.

2. Fellows of the University constitute an informal advisory body which may be consulted by the Senate from time to time, and from which advisory committees may be constituted on specific matters where guidance would be beneficial.

3. Existing Fellows of the University who were not attached to either the Faculty of Theology or the Faculty of Church Music on 1 June 2020, were transferred to Fellowship honoris causa.

4. A Fellow of the University shall be entitled to use the postnominal designation F.W.O.U. and to wear the Academical Dress prescribed for Fellows.